Bank Holiday News & New Adds This Month

Well we have been busy again this Bank Holiday at the end of May, changing design to Jewels & Finery. Hope you like this one. Let us know if you have any comments please, We just liked the drop down boxes and the fact that more brooches displayed on one page of 100.

So for this Bank Holiday – the usual stuff. The Royal Mail Postal Service does not operate on a Bank Holiday or Sunday. So everything will be posted on Tuesday. We also do not post on a Saturday – unless it is an express delivery item, sold before 9 am or Christmas. Because we are a small family business – we do need a life!!

Over the last few days, we have added loads of vintage ties and vintage buttons – so here are just a few.

sonic vintage tieGreen stripe vintage tieglass vintage buttons clearorane fabric vintage buttons   More vintage jewellery will be added soon – so come back and visit.

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Happy Birthday 9 years old this year

happy 9 birthday Jewels & Finery

How time flies. Jewels and Finery has been selling jewellery for 9 years now. It doesn’t seem that long.

How did we get started? Many moons ago, I became ill and couldn’t walk very far. So I had to have a major rethink of my life and my ability to continue working in The National Health Service. Having my own website meant that I could work when I wanted or was able to. No bosses that were completely useless to answer to!! (You know the sort) No, having to face the rush hour traffic. No, 37 hour week to complete and a monthly pay that was much less than the work you had put in. Sound great – but it is hard work to keep on top of a website and keep selling. My health fluctuates now. But I am a great believer that things happen for a reason. So I do not dwell on the things I can not do, but find new ways to do all the things I want to do. Yes I can now move about a lot easier – though it did take 6 years to get my legs together and walk without a stick. Today it takes a lot of tablets to get going, but the biggest help is to move- even though it hurts. Because if you don’t the phrase “Use it or lose it” is true.

I started with EKM and found that I could work out how to get a website up and running. With very little knowledge of this technology, Hadn’t a clue about html, Facebook or Twitter. So I am proud to have learn along the way. With some help from other web-shop owners and from EKM themselves. Okay a lot of help!! But here we are today, not bad for a complete technophobe.

So Happy Birthday Jewels & Finery and may we continue for many years to come.

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New Look to Our Fabulous Jewellery Website

Well for 2017, we have a brand new look to our fabulous jewellery website. It has been synchronized with our other one, Hemlock & Rose to both look and work the same. Easier to search our 1500 + jewellery and accessories and look up all the brilliant vintage information we have published over the last 8 years.

Yes we started out in 2008 and don’t know where the years have gone to……They have certainly flown bye. A whole 8 years have passed since the beginning. We have lots of new ideas for this year. We will expand our vintage-recycled and homemade brands. And of course add lots of more one of a kind jewels.

So take a look and see what you think? We like that it is simple to navigate. It has a lot of bigger images and you can search more easily. We do only sell online and only on this website though. So you won’t get many, many of our pretty selections anywhere else.

antique clan brooch Scottish
Antique Scottish Clan Brooch
pink and white vintage bead necklace
Pink & white vintage bead necklace

Cloisonne hoop earrings for pierced ears
Cloisonne hoop earrings for pierced ears
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Christmas jewellery to get you in the festive mood

merry christmas to Jewels & Finery's customers.

It is the season to be  cheerful! So to get you in the festive mood we have lots of Christmas jewellery in bling style or shaped in Christmas trees, candles and good old Father Christmas. Have a look below at our great collection – vintage, pre-owned and some are new pieces.

Also just a reminder we will be open to buy all over the Christmas and New Year; but dispatch will be when Royal Mail are back from their festive break. This is the best time of the year, but it is also the time when it is busy. So some delays will take place. It is now best to use the express delivery if you want to use during Christmas or the New Year period. Just in case!

avon christmas jewellery set
Avon Christmas jewellery set
Christmas candle vintage badge
Christmas candle vintage badge
Pearl & diamante necklace
Pearl & diamante necklace
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Unsigned Beauties Jewellery with ethical style

Why are unsigned jewellery beauties important and why should we become more ethical?

Unsigned beauties in jewellery, I come across quite often. Many are well-made and are quality vintage jewellery that have a really fantastic style and are very beautiful to wear.

After spending some time analysing them to see if I can attribute the way it is made to a specific company or jewellery designer. Or maybe spend time with a lens looking at the back or sides and all in the hope I will find that elusive hidden mark, I might have missed that will pin point who made it. But still it remains a mysterious unsigned beauty.

As a seller of vintage it makes a different in the price I sell it at. It may be an unsigned Selro bracelet, an early Trifari piece, a Miriam Haskell brooch or a D & E earrings beauty? All command a higher price over something that is unsigned. It also makes it so much easier to list and research its actual age. Sometimes it is possible to find the piece’s name.

Why do we need to wear designer stuff?

Personally I have never done designer. I just think it is so pretentious. Today most designer gear is made cheaply in a sweat shop in China. Then branded and sold on at a higher price. So its exploitation of the poor, as the conditions they work under could be attributed to slavery or going back to the Victorian age of deprivation. All for the sake of making shareholders some more money!

Making money seems to be all what many owners of companies care about today. Unfortunately it has been in the recent news of the conditions, here in the UK of working in one company that sells sports stuff.  They are probably not the only ones around to try and not pay people properly for the work they are doing. Treat people as though they are animals and then get shirty and deny all knowledge, when asked about how certain policies were made. We do seem to be going backwards very fast to the conditions of the Victorian era in more ways than one. Have we not learnt anything from our history???

It is time we became more ethical. Buy more unsigned beauties from sources that do not exploit their workers and it is time to abandoned the whole “designer” philosophy. Buy British or from a source of manufacture nearer home that is known to be ethical. Don’t go into the shops that are known to be un-ethical in their practices. Designer does not always mean quality and many people do need open their eyes and to look a little further than the label.

white vintage multi bead necklace

White multi vintage bead necklace of glass circa 1950s.

vintage pink blue beaded necklace
German made beautiful beaded necklace from an unsigned designer.
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Spring is in the air

Yes, Spring is here and the weather is not bad. With a few sunny days and of course the rain and snow of April. Typically English weather unpredictable. And talking about England – we specifically source English made items for Jewels & Finery. We also specialise in vintage crockery and replacement cups, saucers and homeware that was made here in the UK. Most of these firms are no longer in production and so replecements can be hard to find.

Here are just a few examples of what we have on offer at the moment. 12 plates from Royal Doulton in a fabulous 1920s Art Deco design.

Countess Royal Doulton vintage plate in green
Countess Royal Doulton vintage plate

We have vintage plates, saucers, cups and spoons to add a little retro vintage style to your home. Most were made in England or the UK. But we do have crockery made in Poland and Germany available at the moment.

Hornsea Fauna vintage vase
Hornsea Fauna vintage vase

vintage bud vase Hornsea rabbitWith vintage ornaments and vases, you will find plenty to furnish your home. We add more items daily so have a look frequently.

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Easter so soon – Time just flies by

Easter 2016 is on March 25th to March 28th this year. Can you believe that it is so soon.

So to celebrate we have launched a category with some great Easter gift ideas and presents. With rabbit jewellery to flower and egg cup treats. Just a taster of what we have available. So take a peak at our brand new selection of Vintage Easter gifts to buy.

easter gifts
Easter gifts now available on Jewels & Finery UK


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Jewels Grand Winter Sale Now On

Grand Winter sale on Jewels & Finery UK now on
Grand Winter Sale on Jewels & Finery UK now on

Our grand winter sale for 2015/2016 is now on. As usual we are making reductions to most of our jewellery and vintage accessories.The sale will continue into January 2016, when we will be adding lots of new-vintage jewellery and even more accessories for you and your home.

Pelican brooch by Charles Horner
Pelican brooch by Charles Horner

So grab a bargain whilst you can. As most of the present sale items have to go.

Love vintage love yourself.

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Our Christmas opening hours 2015

christmas tree necklace by Susie Carol
Christmas tree necklace in silver and black

A very merry Christmas to all our Jewels and Finery’s customers. In fact everybody have a great Christmas 2015. As usual our online website is open 24/7 to buy lots of lovely vintage jewellery and handmade pieces right over the Christmas and New Year’s period. Over the Christmas and New Year though, we will be having limited post dispatch days.

Items will not be dispatched on the 24/12/2015 to 28/12/2015. There will be a dispatch on the 29th to the 30th December 2015 only.  Then we will take a break until the 4th January.

New Year will have a dispatch starting on the 4th January 2016. My how time just flies 2016 already!!

merry christmas to Jewels & Finery's customers.

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Monet jewellery from the past

Photographs of Monet jewellery from the past. Monet made quality pieces from the 1920s to today. First founded by two brothers – Michael and Joseph Chernow under the name Monocraft at first produced monogrammed car emblems. Monocraft originally capitalized on the monogram craze and then brothers progressed following the depression in the 1930s, not only produced jewellery but other accessories that could be monogrammed. Today the company has changed hands several times but it is still a firm favourite and have florished under the name Monet producing many different types of jewellery and accessories.

Monet flower jewellery
Enamelled Monet flower pin
Monet signature
Monet signature with copy right marking
Monet earrings in logo box
Plastic box Monet used and logo seen.
Monet earrings
Monet earrings clipped
Monet earrings for pierced ears
Monet earrings for pierced ears

These are just a few pieces we have photographed. As ususal with our blogs – we add as we have available. For Monet jewelry to buy.

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