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Vintage Sphinx Jewellery

Vintage Sphinx jewellery started in the UK in the late 1930s.Producings igned and unsigned Sphinx brooch, earrings, necklace, bracelet, rings to name just a few items. They are very collectible today. Sphinx jewellery is for wearing and sharing, they produced so many different styles and designs that there is something suitable for everyone. Their signature is often in an oval cartouche with their name in capital letters only, but some just have a number on. Not all numbered pieces can be attributed to this company though, as many other companies used numbers for their inventory. They started production in the post war years of 1948 and continued until the 1990s. They were reputed to have made jewellery from high end companies, stores and brands such as KJL, B & W and Jomaz to name just a few. We regularly add more to this collection on Jewels & Finery UK.
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Black Victoriana necklace 1970s
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Modernist Swan Brooch by Sphinx
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